Costa Rica Inspired My New Collection

I just returned from a weeklong adventure in Costa Rica! I attended a workshop with nearly 90 other people from around the world. This workshop is a communication course led by Ariel and Shya Kane. If you have not heard of this couple, I highly suggest you check out their website This workshop was challenging and created a new possibility for growth.

The resort we stayed in is located in the rainforest. Usually, it rains for a few minutes and then the skies clear and the sun shines. But this week, it rained every day. However, the rain was so soft and warm, that I didn’t mind. I learned that taking a walk in the rain could be as much fun as with sun on my face!


Last Tuesday, we went zip lining thru the jungle. I have a fear of heights. But this year, I was able to relax during my ride. The cables were wet which meant we had a really fast ride. I loved it! We did 5 zip lines and I was able to zip right to the end. I had to brake hard to slow down at the platform! It was a blast!

zip line

Later that day, we had an amazing horseback ride thru the jungle back to the rodeo where the horses are kept. These horses were so gentle and beautiful that I felt like a professional rider (even though I have only been on a horse a few times).

The wildlife in Costa Rica is abundant. One day, we heard howler monkeys. They were right outside our course room high up in the trees. These beautiful animals were climbing and hanging from branches and we could just watch them in their natural habitat.

The birds were incredible. On a bus ride in the country, I looked out the window and spotted a toucan sitting on a bare tree branch. It was so majestic! Then we saw a huge flock of parrots! These were wild parrots that we got to feed peanuts to. They are wild but terribly gentle. Their colors are going to appear in my next collection! So vibrant!

The week literally zipped by and before I knew it we were saying good-bye at the airport. Experiencing the beautiful Costa Rican nature…that was such an amazing transformational and inspirational experience in itself!


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