Buy Now Enjoy Later

Buy Now, Enjoy Later


In New York, it is hot and humid so shopping for fall seems crazy! However, I just bought a faux leopard fur coat. It was an impulse buy. But I have to say when it turns cold outside, I will be so happy to pull this out of my closet.


There is also a very good chance that when the wind starts to blow, my leopard coat will be sold out! And I didn’t want to miss out! That is my message today, impulse buys are great if you love what you are buying and can’t live without it.

Here is a story that will help you understand why this is my shopping philosophy. Twenty years ago, before I even started in the eyewear business, I was on a trend-shopping trip to Los Angeles. There, in a vintage store, I saw the most incredible pair of sunglasses, an aluminum frame with “side wings” designed to keep your hair out of your face. The store owner said they were designed in the 60’s, and inspired by the “winged” convertible cars of that decade.


At the time, the glasses were such an unnecessary purchase that I walked out of the store empty handed.- but I have NEVER forgotten them! When I started designing eyewear, I really wanted the pair for my inspiration board, but have not seen them again and I shop in vintage stores all the time!

So my motto is, “If you love it, you must buy it!” Go out this week and find something wonderful for fall. Trust me, you will thank me when the cold winds start to blow.
Speaking of fall, our new fashion story for the fall season was inspired by the very young and vibrant Williamsburg, Brooklyn- one of the trendiest shopping places in New York. The colors in this collection are so colorful and fun, just like Williamsburg. There is the Edie in a rich navy zyl with the striped temples.


and the Marge in a standout striated plum. The collection has coordinating accessories to complete the look


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