Costa Rica Inspired My New Collection

I just returned from a weeklong adventure in Costa Rica! I attended a workshop with nearly 90 other people from around the world. This workshop is a communication course led by Ariel and Shya Kane. If you have not heard of this couple, I highly suggest you check out their website This workshop was challenging and created a new possibility for growth.

The resort we stayed in is located in the rainforest. Usually, it rains for a few minutes and then the skies clear and the sun shines. But this week, it rained every day. However, the rain was so soft and warm, that I didn’t mind. I learned that taking a walk in the rain could be as much fun as with sun on my face!


Last Tuesday, we went zip lining thru the jungle. I have a fear of heights. But this year, I was able to relax during my ride. The cables were wet which meant we had a really fast ride. I loved it! We did 5 zip lines and I was able to zip right to the end. I had to brake hard to slow down at the platform! It was a blast!

zip line

Later that day, we had an amazing horseback ride thru the jungle back to the rodeo where the horses are kept. These horses were so gentle and beautiful that I felt like a professional rider (even though I have only been on a horse a few times).

The wildlife in Costa Rica is abundant. One day, we heard howler monkeys. They were right outside our course room high up in the trees. These beautiful animals were climbing and hanging from branches and we could just watch them in their natural habitat.

The birds were incredible. On a bus ride in the country, I looked out the window and spotted a toucan sitting on a bare tree branch. It was so majestic! Then we saw a huge flock of parrots! These were wild parrots that we got to feed peanuts to. They are wild but terribly gentle. Their colors are going to appear in my next collection! So vibrant!

The week literally zipped by and before I knew it we were saying good-bye at the airport. Experiencing the beautiful Costa Rican nature…that was such an amazing transformational and inspirational experience in itself!


‘Tis the Season

Tis the Season

The hustle and bustle of the season has started and the temperature is dropping!  One sign of the holidays is that the traffic in New York doubles, not to mention the street traffic with people walking – it’s crazy!  The holiday window displays were just unveiled and the tree at Rockefeller Center is standing tall and ready to be lit.

One of my favorite holiday window displays is at Barneys New York on Madison Avenue.  This year, they partnered with film making duo (and married couple) Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin for their holiday windows displays. The theme is “Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love.” I love these windows because they are so over the top!  They feature live performers in the windows, and note the live animals in this picture!  As the window says, prepared to be “Baz-Dazzled.”

I also love Christmas trees and buying trees in NYC is unusual. Vendors from New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine set up sidewalk stands with their freshly cut trees.  These stands literally pop up on different street corners. People select their tree and either carry it over their shoulders, or have it delivered  to their front door –  very convenient, and very New York.  Kristin, my marketing manager has a special holiday family tradition.  When her family gets a Christmas tree, they go to a Christmas tree farm where they “tag” a tree in November.  Then they return in December to pick up their freshly cut tree when they’re ready to decorate.  The tradition includes hayrides, hot cider and farm animals that the kids love to feed. Where ever you live, Christmas is a holiday made up of wonderful traditions.

Corinne Image

What do you do if your travels this holiday season bring you to New York? I hope you have a great time and take in all of your favorite things that this great city has to offer – and if you need a great gift idea for teachers, friends, cousins or that person that is really hard to buy for – don’t forget that our chains and eye rings make great gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Buy Now Enjoy Later

Buy Now, Enjoy Later


In New York, it is hot and humid so shopping for fall seems crazy! However, I just bought a faux leopard fur coat. It was an impulse buy. But I have to say when it turns cold outside, I will be so happy to pull this out of my closet.


There is also a very good chance that when the wind starts to blow, my leopard coat will be sold out! And I didn’t want to miss out! That is my message today, impulse buys are great if you love what you are buying and can’t live without it.

Here is a story that will help you understand why this is my shopping philosophy. Twenty years ago, before I even started in the eyewear business, I was on a trend-shopping trip to Los Angeles. There, in a vintage store, I saw the most incredible pair of sunglasses, an aluminum frame with “side wings” designed to keep your hair out of your face. The store owner said they were designed in the 60’s, and inspired by the “winged” convertible cars of that decade.


At the time, the glasses were such an unnecessary purchase that I walked out of the store empty handed.- but I have NEVER forgotten them! When I started designing eyewear, I really wanted the pair for my inspiration board, but have not seen them again and I shop in vintage stores all the time!

So my motto is, “If you love it, you must buy it!” Go out this week and find something wonderful for fall. Trust me, you will thank me when the cold winds start to blow.
Speaking of fall, our new fashion story for the fall season was inspired by the very young and vibrant Williamsburg, Brooklyn- one of the trendiest shopping places in New York. The colors in this collection are so colorful and fun, just like Williamsburg. There is the Edie in a rich navy zyl with the striped temples.


and the Marge in a standout striated plum. The collection has coordinating accessories to complete the look


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3 Things I Learn From Magazines Every Month

3 Things I Learn From Magazines Every Month.

I love to read, but as my life has gotten busier, finding leisure time to sit down and dive into a good book has become more challenging. However, each month I always find a time to read my favorite fashion magazines. Among my favorite fashion reads is Instyle, Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and Woman’s Wear Daily. I also read the New York Times for news and People which is a guilty pleasure.


There is always valuable information in these publications. In keeping with magazine lingo, here are the three things I find important:


Keeping up with what is trending now is necessary to understand our world. I love reading about whatever is new. It keeps us all relevant. I want to know about the latest fashion, movies or places to visit.
Knowing about the celebrity of the moment. I love to see who is on the cover and to read the article to learn more about the people who entertain us. I love those behind the scenes, in depth interviews. “Tell me more” is my mantra!
I love to pick out my favorite fashion. I also get so inspired by what I see. I say that it improves one’s eye. In other words, the more you see new and fabulous things, then your eyes get used to what looks good and you can start being more selective about what you like and wear. Fashion is an educational process from which we never graduate!

You also need to know that products featured on the pages of these magazines are hand-picked by their editors.From shoes to jeans to eyewear (my favorite category), editors select what they believe to be the best of the best for their articles. It is always a great privilege and honor when an item from my collection is selected for publication.


This month, I am excited to tell you that Cyd, one of our newest styles is featured in one of my favorite publications, Instyle. It is featured in the September issue which is the largest of the year as it covers Fall Fashion. If you are like me and get this magazine by subscription, then turn to page 310 and check us out!


Otherwise head to your nearest newsstand and pick up a copy. You never know what you will learn! The reader featured is our newest classic shape, Cyd, in an always fashionable Havana tortoise. It’s a perfect transition into fall, and looks great with breezy dresses or cozy cardigans.


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