3 Things I Learn From Magazines Every Month

3 Things I Learn From Magazines Every Month.

I love to read, but as my life has gotten busier, finding leisure time to sit down and dive into a good book has become more challenging. However, each month I always find a time to read my favorite fashion magazines. Among my favorite fashion reads is Instyle, Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and Woman’s Wear Daily. I also read the New York Times for news and People which is a guilty pleasure.


There is always valuable information in these publications. In keeping with magazine lingo, here are the three things I find important:


Keeping up with what is trending now is necessary to understand our world. I love reading about whatever is new. It keeps us all relevant. I want to know about the latest fashion, movies or places to visit.
Knowing about the celebrity of the moment. I love to see who is on the cover and to read the article to learn more about the people who entertain us. I love those behind the scenes, in depth interviews. “Tell me more” is my mantra!
I love to pick out my favorite fashion. I also get so inspired by what I see. I say that it improves one’s eye. In other words, the more you see new and fabulous things, then your eyes get used to what looks good and you can start being more selective about what you like and wear. Fashion is an educational process from which we never graduate!

You also need to know that products featured on the pages of these magazines are hand-picked by their editors.From shoes to jeans to eyewear (my favorite category), editors select what they believe to be the best of the best for their articles. It is always a great privilege and honor when an item from my collection is selected for publication.


This month, I am excited to tell you that Cyd, one of our newest styles is featured in one of my favorite publications, Instyle. It is featured in the September issue which is the largest of the year as it covers Fall Fashion. If you are like me and get this magazine by subscription, then turn to page 310 and check us out!


Otherwise head to your nearest newsstand and pick up a copy. You never know what you will learn! The reader featured is our newest classic shape, Cyd, in an always fashionable Havana tortoise. It’s a perfect transition into fall, and looks great with breezy dresses or cozy cardigans.


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